National Security & Foreign Affairs


New Border Patrol Agency Created

The bill authorizes border, maritime, and transportation security responsibilities and functions in the Department of Homeland Security and creates the United States Customs and Border Protection to serve  with primary responsibility for interdicting persons attempting to illegally enter or exit the United States.

HR 3846 Bill Report and Vote.


Courts Expanded at Border Crisis

The bill establishes expedited court procedures for handling unaccompanied children  arriving at the Southern Border of the US. The bill would also provide funds for several agencies to carry out their missions on the border. Passed 8/1/14.

HR 5230 Bill Report and Vote.


Border Program Expansion Prohibited

The bill prohibits expanding a current program to delay processing of some alien youth by applying it to the unaccompanied youth now at the Southern border. Passed 8/1/14.

HR 5272 Bill Report and Vote


Cyber Security Workforce Established

The Secretary of Homeland Security is required to establish cybersecurity occupation classifications, assess that workforce, and develop a strategy to address identified gaps in that workforce.

HR 3107 Bill Report and Vote


Cyber and Infrastructure Protection Plan

The bill assigns cybersecurity response rolls to three departments (The Department of Homeland Security–Lead for Protection;  The Department of Justice–Lead for Investigation; and  The Department of Defense–Lead for National Defense.) and aims to improve cybersecurity and infrastructure protection.

HR 3696 Bill Report and Vote.


Federal Website Security

The bill ensures the functionality and security of new Federal websites that collect personally identifiable information.

HR 3635 Bill Report and Vote.


President to Explore Sanctions Affecting North Korea

The bill directs the President to investigate credible information of sanctionable activities involving North Korea and to designate and apply sanctions with respect to any person or business  the President determines is culpable.

HR 1771 Bill Report and Vote.


Hamas Condemned

The bill condemns Hamas missile strikes on Israel and affirms Israel’s right to defend itself.

HCR 107 Bill Report and Vote.


$5 Million Bounty Requested

The bill provides $5 million for evidence of the murderer of an Israeli-American youth murdered in Israel in June.

S 2577 Bill Report and Vote.


Afghan Visas Increased

Adjustments are made  to allow up to 4,000 Afghanistan visas.

HR 5195 Bill Report and Vote.

Other Security

Infrastructure Protection Plan Due in 180 Days

Among other changes to current law the bill creates a (private) Sector Coordinating Council to develop and implement a National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

HR 2952 Bill Report and Vote.


Defense Production Act Revisited

President and federal agencies requirement to prepare for national defense, military conflicts, disasters, or acts of terrorism using the domestic industrial base to supply materials and services is reauthorized.

HR 4809 Bill Report and Vote.


Intnl Broadcast Board Replaced with Agency

The bill replaces the Broadcasting Board of Governors with the United States International Communications Agency. RFE/RL, Inc, Radio Free Asia, and the Middle East Broadcasting Network will be merged.

HR 4490 Bill Report and Vote.

Consumer Protection

Prescription Drug Enforcement

The bill aims to “improve enforcement efforts related to prescription drug diversion and abuse and would identify how collaboration between agencies and stakeholders can benefit patients and prevent diversion and abuse of controlled substances.

HR 4709 Bill Report and Vote.

Airfare Transparency

It is not an unfair or deceptive practice to state in an advertisement or solicitation the base fare for passenger air transportation as long as the government-imposed taxes and fees and the total cost of the air transportation are clearly and separately disclosed in the advertisement or solicitation.

HR 4156 Bill Report and Vote.

FDA Sunscreen Review Shortened

The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to review and determine whether OTC sunscreens are generally recognized as safe and effective and ensure that any sunscreens marketed in the United States are appropriately labeled.

HR 4250 Bill Report and Vote.

Banking & Finance

Access to Financials

The bill extends to state and federal regulatory officials having financial services oversight authority access to any information provided to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry

HR 4626 Bill Report and Vote.


Privacy Prioritized

Privilege is maintained when information is shared by certain non-depository covered persons with Federal and State financial regulators.

HR 5062 Bill Report and Vote.

Environment & Natural Resources

Pesticide Permitting

The bill aims clarify Congressional intent regarding the Clean Water Act regulations on the use of pesticides in or near navigable waters with regard to an EPA permitting process considered in the bill as redundant.

HR 935 Bill Report and Vote.


Endangered Process Scrutinized

The bill does not change current law but rather questions the process by which the Secretary determines if a species is endangered.

HR 4315 Bill Report and Vote.


Muscular Dystrophy Coordination Increased

The bill requires all forms of Muscular Dystrophy to be included within NIH programs and requires the research centers to also include cardiac and pulmonary function research. The data acquired would be shared between centers. Brought in to help coordinate programs are the Social Security Administration and the United States Administration for Community Living.

HR 594 Bill Report and Vote.

Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation

Providers must report interoperable standardized patient assessment data, data on quality measures, and data on resource use and other measures. Data would include functional status and cognitive functions. The Secretary is directed to provide confidential feedback reports to PAC providers on their performance.

HR 4994 Bill Report and Vote.

Protection for Abuse Victims

The bill authorizes appropriations for the children’s advocacy program; grants to develop and implement multidisciplinary child abuse investigation and prosecution programs; and grants to national organizations to provide technical assistance and training to attorneys and others instrumental to the criminal prosecution of child abuse cases.

 S 1799 Bill Report and Vote


 Other Action

Award Granted for Revolutionary War Service

To confer honorary United States citizenship upon Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid, Viscount of Galveston and Count of Galvez, in recognition of his many contributions to, and sacrifices for, the cause of American independence.

HJR 105 Bill Report and Vote.


Recreational Vessel Defined

A recreational vessel is defined in the Act as a vessel manufactured or operated primarily for pleasure; or leased, rented, or chartered to another for the latter’s pleasure.

HR 3896 Bill Report and Vote


Energy, H2O back to Senate

The House disagreed with the Senate amendments to this bill. The bill would transfer $10.8 billion from the General Fund of the Treasury and the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund in order to cover the costs of ongoing infrastructure projects.

Upon receiving the bill from the House the Senate agreed to to recede from the Senate amendment 81 to 13.  clearing the bill for the President.

HR 5021 Bill Report and Vote.


House Approves Lawsuit Resolution

A non-binding resolution authorizes the Speaker of the House to sue a president and Executive Branch officials for failure to implement a law, as required of him by the Constitution, when he waived the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act for one year.

HRES 676 Bill Report and Vote


Senate Border Aid Bill Fails

The bill, S 2648 parallels the House bill HR 5230 addressing the unaccompanied children on the southern border but did so for around $4 billion with insufficient offsets. (The House bill would spend around $675 million and it, too, was pulled from the floor for possible consideration by the House on Friday, August 1st.) The Senate bill fell when a point of order that the bill violated the Budget Enforcement Act was challenged with a motion to waive the Act but the motion only received 50 of the necessary 60-vote threshold.

S 2648 Bill Report and Votes


House / Senate Agree to Veteran’s Access to Healthcare Bill

The bill, HR 3230, came out of conference after the Senate amended the bill replacing its text with that of S 2450. The House bill would spend $35 million, the Senate bill $4.7 billion. S 2450 addresses veteran issues such as unavailability of doctors, delayed appointment times, and long distances to VA medical centers. Both bills authorized allowing veterans to go to qualified non-VA doctors more close to home.

The House agreed to the conference report and the Senate did as well after overcoming the challenge that the bill violates the Budget Act by a vote of 86 to 8 and a final vote of 91 to 3.  clearing the bill for the President.

HR 3230 Bill Report and Vote

 S 2450 Bill Report and Vote


Senate Moves Several House-passed Bills

Friday, August 1 – By Unanimous Consent the Senate agreed to HR 4631, a bill reauthorizing programs to combat Autism; HR 3548, to improve trauma care; H.R. 4386 (Allows the Secretary of the Treasury to rely on state examination for certain financial institutions); and H.R. 5195 (Provides additional visas for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program).

Senate bills approved, also by Unanimous Consent, are SJR 36 affirming a nuclear agreement with Vietnam and S 231 reauthorizing a stamp that raises awareness of and funds for the Multinational Species Conservation Fund. The Senate also agreed with S.J. Res. 76; The Reid-McConnell substitute amendment providing funding for Israel’s Iron Dome, was agreed to by unanimous consent. The resolution (text not available) appears to provide more funding for Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missle program that was provided for in the Senate bill addressing issues on the southern border regarding unaccompanied youth. That bill was objected to in the Senate and a similar House bill was pulled from the floor making passage at this time questionable from the floor.


House / Senate Agree to Nuclear Funding Program

Friday, August 1 – The bill, HJR 76 provides supplemental funds for National Nuclear Security Administration for fiscal year 2014 to include funding for `Weapons Activities’, `Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation’, `Naval Reactors’, and `Office of the Administrator’.

HJR 76 Bill Report and Vote