HR 244 Omnibus Spending for FY 2017 (TM)

Week ending May 5, 2017

HR 244 Omnibus Spending for FY 2017


The bill began as aiming to provide awards from the White House to businesses that hire veterans and was tagged to be the vehicle for the Omnibus spending for fiscal year 2017.

Providing $1.6 trillion to fund the government until the end of September 2017 when the new fiscal years begins and spending legislation for FY 2018 is to be completed although that has rarely succeeded in recent years resulting in continuing resolution such as the one pass last December bring us to the need to pass this bill this week or risk a government shutdown.

Defense, National Safety needs and foreign Aid

Despite the president’s insistence of some $54 billion in defense spending the bill only provides $15 billion and that spending is earmarked for overseas contingencies and is considered off-budget spending not subject to sequestration caps.

The customary funding to fight wildfires was provided with $8 billion covering those needs and disaster relief such as flooding, tornadoes and sever storm damage.

As famine sweeps Africa $1.3 million is provided for famine relief.


While the Affordable Care Act provided funds for healthcare and pension funds for minors that provision was set to expire. The bill provides $1 billion. In the area of healthcare the bill also provides $291 million for Medicaid payments to Puerto Rico as that country’s financial crisis is leading to filing bankruptcy soon.

No funding was included for Trump’s proposed wall on the Southern border or a so-called deportation force, but the package would provide another $1.5 billion for border security efforts including new technology and repairing existing infrastructure.

$34 billion for the National Institutes of Health research currently threatened by the President’s proposed budget and the opioid pandemic would be funded with $103 million.

The highly debated funds for Planned Parenthood, Inc that has been approaching the chopping block by Republicans and the White House remained in the bill but was not increased.

Safety Nets

Entitlement programs such as WIC and SNAP along with Pell Grants are all fully funded.



Frequently reported the bill would provide some $65 million to New York and Palm Beach law enforcement spent to protect Trump and his family in those areas.

The President’s proposed new wall on the southern border was not funded but traditional funding in place since 2006 is provided to repair and improve the existing wall.

Threatened with deep cuts by the president the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities are all fully funded.

NASA will get $19.653 billion as an increase of $328 million over last year spending.

The bill has twelve division too lengthy to report here but they can be read HERE


Status: Passed House / Passed Senate



On Passage: On motion to agree in the Senate amendments numbered 2 and 3, and agree in Senate amendment numbered 1 with an amendment Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 309 – 118 (Roll no. 249)

House Amendments:

Motion to recommit:

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On Passage: The Motion to Concur was agreed to by a vote of 79-18.

Procedural Actions:

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