H.R.1913 – Clear Creek National Recreation Area and Conservation Act

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Week ending July 14, 2017

H.R.1913 – Clear Creek National Recreation Area and Conservation Act


The bill states it purpose “To establish the Clear Creek National Recreation Area in San Benito and Fresno Counties, California, to designate the Joaquin Rocks Wilderness in such counties,”

To that end ‘To promote environmentally responsible off highway vehicle recreation, the area generally depicted as “Proposed Clear Creek National Recreation Area” … is established as the “Clear Creek National Recreation Area”, to be managed by the Secretary.’

‘The Recreation Area shall also support other public recreational uses, such as hunting, hiking, and rock and gem collecting’

‘The Secretary shall—

(1) prioritize environmentally responsible off highway vehicle recreation and also facilitate hunting, hiking, gem collecting, and the use of motorized vehicles, mountain bikes, and horses in accordance with the management plan described in subsection (c);

(2) issue special recreation permits for motorized and non-motorized events; and

(3) reopen the Clear Creek Management Area to the uses described in this subsection as soon as practicable following the enactment of this Act and in accordance with the management guidelines outlined in this Act and other applicable law.’

Also; “Landowners must be given adequate access to inholdings within the area. The use of motorized vehicles on public land in the area shall be permitted only on roads, trails, and areas designated by the management plan. Livestock grazing shall be allowed to continue in certain parts of the area.

“The bill designates approximately 21,000 acres of identified federal lands in Fresno and San Benito Counties, California, as the Joaquin Rocks Wilderness and as a component of the National Wilderness Preservation System.

“The bill releases the San Benito Mountain wilderness study area from specified requirements applicable to public lands subject to a wilderness review.” – crs

 (Full text of H.R. 1913 at congress.gov)

Sponsor:  Rep. Panetta, Jimmy [D-CA-20] (Introduced 04/05/2017)

Status: Passed House /



On Passage: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote

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