H.R.218 – King Cove Road Land Exchange Act

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Week ending July 21, 2017

H.R.218 – King Cove Road Land Exchange Act


“H.R. 218 would require the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to convey, at the request of the State of Alaska, 206 acres of federal land in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge to allow for the construction of a road. In exchange, the state would convey to the federal government an amount of land up to 43,000 acres with a total fair market value equal to the value of the federal lands the state would receive. CBO expects that the total value of the state-owned land identified for exchange under the bill (43,000 acres) would exceed the value of the federal lands; therefore, we expect that the state would convey a portion of that acreage equalize the value of the lands being conveyed by the two parties and that no cash would be exchanged in the transaction.” – cbo

 (Full text of H.R. 218 at congress.gov)

Sponsor:  Rep. Young, Don [R-AK-At Large] (Introduced 01/03/2017)

Status: Passed House /



On Passage: On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 248 – 179 (Roll no. 406)

House Amendments:

An amendment, offered by Ms. Tsongas, numbered 1 printed in Part C of House Report 115-235 to require mitigation measures, previously adopted in Public Law 111-11, to ensure that impacts to migratory birds, wildlife, and wetlands are minimized. On agreeing to the Tsongas amendment; Failed by recorded vote: 190 – 234 (Roll no. 404).

An amendment, offered by Mr. Young (AK), numbered 2 printed in Part C of House Report 115-235 to amend section 7 to conform the text of H.R. 218 with the Senate text, S. 101. n agreeing to the Young (AK) amendment; Agreed to by voice vote

An amendment, offered by Mr. Grijalva, numbered 3 printed in Part C of House Report 115-235 to prohibit the Act from taking effect until $20 Million in federal funds given to Alaska for transportation purposes in King Cove is repaid to the Federal Government On agreeing to the Grijalva amendment; Failed by recorded vote: 167 – 260 (Roll no. 405)

Motion to recommit: On motion to recommit with instructions Failed by voice vote

Text of the motion:

The House proceeded with 10 minutes of debate on the Garamendi motion to recommit with instructions. The instructions contained in the motion seek to require the bill to be reported back to the House with an amendment to add a provision to the underlying bill requiring the road to be constructed using only materials and equipment manufactured in the United States.


On Passage:

Procedural Actions:

Senate Amendments:


Cost to the taxpayers:  The federal government would incur certain administrative costs associated with the exchange, including surveys and appraisals. Because the bill would require the road to be built in accordance with an environmental impact statement completed in 2013, an updated impact statement would not be required. In total, CBO estimates that any costs incurred in implementing the legislation would total less than $500,000; that spending would be subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

Pay-as-you-go requirements:  Because enacting H.R. 218 would not affect direct spending or revenue, pay-as-you-go procedures do not apply.

Regulatory and Other Impact: H.R. 218 contains no intergovernmental or private-sector mandates as defined in the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act and would impose no costs on state, local, or tribal governments.

Dynamic Scoring:   Because none of the federal lands that would be conveyed are expected to generate receipts over the next 10 years, CBO estimates that enacting the bill would not affect direct spending.

Tax Complexity:  Not applicable to this bill.

Earmark Certification:  None

Duplication of programs: None

Direct Rule-Making:  None

Advisory Committee Statement: None

Budget Authority: Data not available

Constitutional Authority:   Assumed.


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