H.R.1066 – VA Management Alignment Act of 2017

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Week ending November 10, 2017

H.R.1066 – VA Management Alignment Act of 2017


HR 1066 ‘requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to submit to the Committees on Veterans’ Affairs of the Senate and the House of Representatives a report (including recommendations for appropriate legislation) regarding the roles, responsibility, and accountability of elements and individuals of the VA.’ – crs

The report will include    the Independent Assessment of the Health Care Delivery Systems and Management Process of the VA established by the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014; any study or report by the Commission on Care established by such Act; and other studies or reports, including a report titled “Task Force on Improving Effectiveness of VHA Governance: Report to the VHA Under Secretary for Health,” dated February 28, 2015.

The report will specify clearly delineated roles and responsibilities to optimize the organizational effectiveness and accountability of Administration, staff office, or staff organization and each subordinate organization thereof; and key leader of the VA in relation to any Administration, staff office, or staff organization, Veteran Integrated Service Network, or medical facility.

(Full text of H.R. 1066 congress.gov)

SponsorRep. Kilmer, Derek [D-WA-6] (Introduced 02/15/2017)

Status: Passed House /



On Passage: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 399 – 0 (Roll no. 608).

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On Passage:

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Cost to the taxpayersCBO estimates that implementing the bill would cost less than $500,000 over the 2018-2022 period; any such spending would be subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

Pay-as-you-go requirements:  Data not available

Regulatory and Other Impact: Data not available

Dynamic Scoring:   Data not available

Tax Complexity:  Not applicable to this bill.

Earmark Certification:  Data not available

Duplication of programs: Data not available

Direct Rule-Making:  Data not available

Advisory Committee Statement: Data not available

Budget Authority: Data not available

Constitutional Authority:   Assumed.


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