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TheWeekinCongress.com is produced by Legislation News & Report LLC, a Virginia Company.  The website is published weekly when the House and / or Senate is in session and doing legislative business. We most frequently publish on Thursday evening and update on Friday or thereafter if either body is still in session for the week.

Theweekincongress.com began in 1992 as a weekly newspaper column that ran through 1994 in the Carteret County News-Times in North Carolina. The column was discontinued because print newspapers of the time could not allow enough space to cover every bill considered each week.

In 2004, when web development programs became user friendly, theweekincongress.com was launched and provided the bill reports through July 2011 when the site was no longer updated. Software problems were one reason. Rethinking the direction of the site and its intent added to the down time. We started up again in 2012.

The past ten years have accomplished several things: Readers visited from three continents; The Publisher became a contributing columnist to Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers in South Florida on the subject of Congress and legislation until the company was moved from Florida to Virginia.Theweekincongress.com now provides weekly summaries of House and Senate action for the Center on Congress at Indiana University, Bloomington.

The intent of this website has been and continues to be to inform, not persuade. We take pride in presenting bill data without political bias because we believe that there has been and continues to be a desire among Americans to get the facts of legislation and make up their own minds about it. We believe that is critical to a healthy democracy.

Until recently theweekincongress.com has not attempted to make money but the site is currently being rebuilt and coupled with new associations we hope will allow us to generate some revenue. It is still our intent to continue to make the site available for free as a civic effort on our part.

In ‘translating’ legislative data towards simplicity we have tried to make the reports as readable as possible¬† Several readers have commented that one to two hours on the website each week allows them to know more about what their Member is voting on than the Member, allowing them to ask specific questions about issues and bills of interest to them. Our statistics show that most readers scan for reports (articles) of interest and spend their time on those pages.

Thank you for reading theweekincongress.com and thank you for participating in the Democracy.

Robert McElroy, Publisher.