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The following link to provides you with all the necessary tools to find and contact your Senator and Representative, the President, and State offices.

The Rule of Thumb when contacting Congress is to keep the message simple and as brief as possible. For example; if you have a concern about a bill you might urge the Member to vote against it and give some reasons. Or you might have an issue with a particular something in the bill or a particular something that is not in the bill.

Do expect a response but do not expect a detailed response to specific points you make. Members receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of contacts each week. The on-going debate is how to assign resources to handle the volume. For the most part Members look for simple pro and con positions from constituents.

By clicking the link below you will easily find your way to mail, phone, email, and FAX contact information. If you have an issue the Member might help you with such as Social Security, Medicare or other government programs, a phone call to the local office will get you going. Local contact information is also provided through the link below.

Note: Sending a letter via US Mail has, in the past, taken weeks to deliver because all US Mail was sent first to a center for Anthrax testing. Faxes and e-mails connect you faster, phone calls even faster.

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