U.S. Print Media

The New York Times

The  Political Navigator page provides links to government agencies, political parties and political information. The Politics page reports on just that and includes access to NYT polling reports. The Washington page presents extensive reporting on political candidates and issues and includes video and slide presentations. A variety of e-mail alerts are available as is the RSS feed.

The Washington Post    (Washington, D.C.)

130 years of reporting on all things Washington this is the principal newspaper in the Nation’s capital. The Politics section provides news and profiles on candidates and other lawmakers and access to a database of Congressional votes. The section includes a blog from Congress and formidable political columnists with keen insight on politics and legislation. E-mail alerts are available as is an RSS feed.

The Washington Times   (Washington, D.C.)

Founded in 1982, Washington, D.C.’s other newspaper has found its voice. The Washington Times front page is probably the most approachable in the industry. ‘Inside politics’ readers gain a unique perspective on what US politicians deal with in doing their jobs. Offers RSS feed.


Yes, there are many prestigious US publications offering the business view of politics but we find it is sometimes the case that we have to wade through being convinced of that view when we are just looking for facts. Forbes, in our opinion, makes its point in  features on an eclectic variety of issues that result from congressional legislation.



Foreign Print Media

PakTribune (Pakistan)

We rely on the PakTribune for news and commentary from Pakistan with coverage of Afghanistan and Kashmir. The writers are engaging, the reporting thorough. The PakTribune Discussion Forum is fascinating, with entries from readers around the world. You will learn a lot in the Forum. Offers e-mail news alerts stylized to your needs.

The China Daily (China) We are proud that one of our associates has been printed in this paper. American readers are often surprised that so much of the front page content is about business. That content, though, says a lot about the enormous growth in commerce and the subsequent growth in energy use to fuel that growth. That is a reality, if understood, gives a perspective on the decision-making process behind bills in Congress relating to energy, energy use, and energy resources. No apparent RSS feed or e-mail updates.

Khaleej Times (Dubai)

A nicely balanced newspaper that covers the Middle East and the India subcontinent as well as the world. The format for delivering the news is easy to navigate and presented without annoying interventions of advertising and text rollovers in the article contents. In other words, you get the impression that the effort is to give you the news first, not sell you something else while you are reading it. Most interesting is the columnists. Where else will you find among a paper’ stable of writers, Henry Kissinger and Noam Chomsky?

Ha’aretz  (Israel)

Let’s face it, Israel has been steeped in Middle East politics since its creation. reporting from the region with opinion on the Israeli view as events transpire can help you to form a well-rounded opinion. Offers RSS feed. No particular politics section we can find but little that is reported on is without politics. Associated with the International Herald Tribune / New York Times.

The Lebanon Daily Star (Lebanon)

It isn’t just about Iraq. Lebanon, with a US supported democracy coalition, is positioned between Israel and Syria with Iraq just a stones throw away. US largess to Lebanon grew along with resistance. The Daily Star offers first line reporting on conflicts, politics and progress. RSS feed.


‘World Opinion in Context Every Day’

A Canadian resource about all things Canadian but with a balanced world view. Big on polls, A-R offers international election results during elections.

Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt) (Site down, check back)

Generally Al-Ahram identifies and comments on what much of the Arab world sees as the involvement in Middle East politics by European and Western countries, the US in particular. Specifically, there is a good bit of news from that region. Not a pro-US policy in the Middle East  newspaper by any stretch, Al-Ahram is a  valuable resource for understanding, whether you support the US policy in the Middle East or not, how many Arab and Persian States view those US actions.

The Moscow Times  (Russia)

The Moscow Times offers news and opinion that helps foreign readers grasp the world from the Russian perspective. No particular politics section nor on DUMA; Russia’s version of the House of Representatives, but does offer important stories on DUMA’s activities when they arise. Mainly, readers can gain a more broad view of the interactions Russia has with other countries. Offered in .pdf and .pda. Offers RSS feed.

US Government Resources

THOMAS A Library of Congress site that provides all data on bills introduced in the House and Senate. Soon to be replaced by The new Library of Congress site to replace Thomas. You can also find links to your elected officials and Congressional Record pages. A government Beta site linking you easily to all things US government. Links are included to state legislators and state elected officials.

US House of Representatives

US Senate

Congressional Budget Office – A non-partisan Office that provides Congress with financial analysis of legislation

Government Accountability Office (Formerly the General Accounting Office) – GAO constantly reviews US agencies and programs and provides Congress (and the public) with its findings.


White House

Polling Reports — Does your opinion match the polls?


The United Nations (USA)

When the US House, Committee on Foreign Affairs produces a resolution emphasizing one country’s alleged misbehavior (The bad guys) and how that might impact a country the US supports (The good guys) We always find it interesting to review UN Security Council Resolutions against the ‘good guy’ country that never quite seem to make their way into the resolutions. Always worthwhile seeing how this world body weighs in on US involvements around the world and to consider extensive reports on major world issues.

The Council on Foreign Relations (Washington, D.C.)

An excellent source of readable but scholarly articles and analysis of foreign affairs for those who want to “learn more about the complex international issues challenging policy-makers and citizens alike.”  Publishes Foreign Affairs Magazine where the top US foreign affairs leaders weigh in. Offers RSS feed and podcast as well as the weekly e-mail “The World This Week”

The Center on Congress at Indiana University (Bloomington)

The Center, led by former Indiana congressman Lee Hamilton, is an educational organization that provides learning tools for civics teachers of elementary and high school students. the Center’s products include video games allowing students to become Members of Congress.

 The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars welcomes outstanding and award winning scholars, practitioners, journalists and public intellectuals to take part in its non-partisan dialogue. Each year, the Center hosts around 160 scholars who conduct independent research on national and/or international issues addressing key public policy challenges.